2015 Studio Trail Sponsors


Amelie Michel, 192 Westbrook Road, Essex, CT 860.876.0800

Atkisson Electric Company, 978 Main St, Hope Valley, RI 401.539.7003

Leah Grear, Grear Studio, 1070 Main Street, Hope Valley, RI 860.391.5104

Malcolm and Clarice Grear

Billy Hills Roadhouse

Ma & Pa’s Country Store1044A Main Street, Hope Valley,  RI 401.539.2484

Terrie Magill, 26 Langworthy Road, Westerly, RI  401.322.1338

Stephen D. Morgan Housewright, Inc., 275 Woodville Road, Ashaway, RI 401.377.2698

Morrone’s Auto Service, 1100 Main Street, Hope Valley,  RI 401.539.8692

P. Schurman Contractors, 100 Fresh Meadow Road, Wakefield,  RI 401.783.1263

Shaw Pottery, 7 Corey Trail, Wyoming,  RI 401.539.3009

South County Steel, 192 Waites Corner Road, West Kingston,   RI 401.789.5570

Thompson’s Flowers & Antiques, 866 Main Street, Hope Valley, RI 401.749.7400

URE Outfitters, 1009 Main Street, Hope Valley,  RI 401.539.4050

West’s Bakery995 Main Street, Hope Valley,  RI 401.539.2451

Wildwood Liquors, 1190 Main Street, Wyoming,  RI 401.491.9903

Wyoming Hardware, 1190 Main Street, Wyoming,  RI 401.539.8988

Wyoming Package Store , 1199 Main St, Wyoming, RI 401.539.7252

Thank you to these patrons for their support of the arts and our community:

Barrett’s Power Connection, 1019 Main Street, Hope Valley,  RI 401.539.8407

Madeline Beaudry, Rue Magic Studios, 15 Corey Trail, Wyoming RI
401.539.1187, 401.368.2535

Chariho Furniture10 Richmond Townhouse Road, Wyoming,  RI 401.539.9043

Doggie Depot, 8 Stilson Road, Wyoming,  RI 401.539.0010

Growin’ Crazy, 93 Kingstown Road, Wyoming,  RI 401.284.0810

Hack & Livery, 1006 Main Street, Hope Valley,  RI 401.539.7033

John and Cindys Harvest Acres, 425 Kingstown Road, Richmond,  RI 401.789.8752

Lickety Splits Ice Cream Shop, 39 Kingstown Road, Wyoming,  RI 401.539.2484

Richmond Veterinary Clinic, 54 Richmond Townhouse Road, Richmond, RI 401.539.2683

Christy Sherman, 193 Old Mountain Trail, Richmond, RI 401.539.8436

Signs by Bob, Richmond Townhouse Road, Carolina, 401.364.6680

Stilson Road Auto and Truck Parts, Inc., 6 Buttonwoods Road, Wyoming, RI 401.539.2275

Kim Vredenburg, PO Box 395, Hope Valley, RI 401-539-0112

A diverse group of Southern Rhode Island artists and artisans.