Madeline Beaudry

Madeline Beaudry creates figurative sculpture, hand felted wearable art, and hand dyed silk.

Her greatest inspiration comes from nature. Every piece she creates draws somehow on the beauty, movement and mystery of the seen and unseen world around her. The joy of working with mixed media is to see the presence and potential in everything. Sometimes, the process becomes the piece.

“I mostly love when, through the introduction of a particular energy, heat, movement, time, etc., materials begin to take on a life of their own and participate in creating themselves. This becomes my working environment of constant expectation and anticipation of surprises and miracles. It is a beautiful place to be!”

Madeline will be at her studio location: 17 Rue Magic Studios | D

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15 Corey Trail, Wyoming RI 02898
401.539.1187, 401.368.2535

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